Makeup Look 

Here are some of my favourite products that I used to create this makeup look.


  • Primer: Estee Lauder – Matte Perfecting Primer 

This helps prevent oily skins going shiny throughout the day. 

  • Foundation: Estee Lauder – Double Wear 1W1 Bone 

This is a full coverage foundation that lasts all day and stays matte. Bone is the shade I wear when I am not wearing tan, or wearing a very light tan. It has a warm tone, which means it has a slight yellow tint that helps camouflage any redness in the skin.

  • Under eye concealer: L’oreal Paris- True Match Concealer, shade vanilla

This is one shade lighter then my foundation. It brightens up under the eyes and camouflages any dark circles. It also doesn’t sit into creases under the eyes. 

  • Setting Powder: Rimmell London – Stay Matte Pressed Powder, shade translucent

I have tried a lot of different setting powders and I always go back to this one. It doesn’t change the colour of my foundation or make it feel cakey. It gives a very nice light finish. 

  • Contour: Benefit – Hoola Bronzer 

I love this bronzer, I’ve been using it for years and I always have it with me. I mainly contour with powder products as I have oily skin. I apply this from my temple, down underneath my cheek bone to about an inch away from the corners of my mouth. I also apply it to my jawline and the sides of my nose. I don’t put any on my forehead as it is small so I don’t want to make it appear even smaller. 

  • Blushes: Nars – Blush in Orgasm

 This is the holy grail of blushers. If someone told me I had to pick one and use it forever, it would be Nars Orgasm. It’s a stunning peachy pink with a gold sheen. I apply this along my cheek bones. I never apply blusher to just the apples of my cheeks as, this would counteract my contouring and make my face look more round. 

  • Highlight: Inglot – Sparkling Dust 02 

I love this highlighter but, I will only wear it on a night out. I find it too intense to wear as an everyday highlight. I have shade 02 which is a nude type colour. 01 is more silver and 03 is more gold. I like the way 02 blends enough that, I don’t look crazy but its still eye catching. I apply this to the top of my cheek bones and a very small amount down the centre of my nose and cupids bow. 


  • Eyebrows: Benefit – Ka Brow 03 medium

This is a cream/gel brow product. I get small amounts and apply it with the applicator. I brush it through my brows, filling in any gaps and creating the shape I want. 

  • Eyeshadows: Inglot freedom system eyeshadows 335, 329 and 63

Firstly I apply Inglot shade 335 to the crease and under the eyes and smoke it out. This is my transitional colour so it creates a blend between my skin and darker shades. It is a warm, rusty, orange, red shade. 

I then apply shade 329 to the outer corners of my eyes, into the crease and under the bottom lash line. This adds definition to the crease, creating more shape to the eyes. It is a dark, chocolate brown shade. 

Finally I apply shade 63, which is a black to the corners of my eyes and about a quatre of the way in underneath the lash line. This adds that little bit extra definition to make the eyes pop. 

  • Eye Pigment: Fuschia Makeup Eye Shimmer in Brown Brass

This is a rusty brown shade. I applied it to the lid of my eye using the Fuschia makeup iLine Sealer.

  • Eyeliner: L’oreal Paris Super Slim 12h Eyeliner

I love this eyeliner. It is so easy to use and control. I have had mine since April last year and it still hasn’t dried out. It doesn’t fade away or smudge throughout the night. 

  • Eyelashes: Primark/Penneys Individual lashes 

These are the best lashes. There are about 4 strips of individual lashes attached together so they are very quick to apply. I wear about 4-5 strips on each eye. I apply them with duo glue. 


  • Lipliner: Essence – lipliner 02 plum cake

This is a twist up lipliner. It does dry out quickly but I love the shade so I just keep buying new ones.

  • Lipstick: Mac Really me and Fabby 

First, I apply Mac Really me. This has a satin finish and it is a grey, purple, pink shade

I then apply fabby to the centre of the lips over really me. This has a frosted finish. Its a pale pink shade with flecks of gold going through it. 

Look Completed.

Thanks for reading,

Darragh x 


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