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The start of a new journey

As many of ye may know from my Instagram and Facebook posts, my boyfriend and I have moved to London.

When people say city life moves at 100 miles an hour, they really mean it. We have been here for four days and it feels like a month already.

The amount of opportunities here are endless, within 48 hours both of us had full time jobs and they are jobs we wanted, we weren’t applying for absolutely anything just to have something. I was applying for jobs at home on ‘’ ‘’ and ‘’ so I had a few interviews lined up before I got here.


I will be starting work Monday as a front of house and social media coordinator for an aesthetics clinic in the centre of London. I am so excited to get into it, it will be a big change from my job in Aura but I can’t wait to learn all about the treatments etc. they have in the clinic. There is such a wide variety from laser hair removal to fat and cellulite reduction and advanced skin care treatments.

This morning we had to go for a meeting to apply for our National Insurance Number which is the same type of thing as the Irish PPS number. You have to ring and make an appointment when you are in the UK to apply for it and then it take 4 weeks from the day you have your meeting to receive it. This is to ensure your taxes are correct etc.

Tomorrow we also have a meeting in Lloyds bank to set up accounts, this is the only bank (that I know of) that you do not need proof of address to set up an account; you only need your passport.

In the mean time, we are currently searching for a room in a shared house on sites such as ‘’ as this works out a lot cheaper for bills and rent and we can get to know more people.

Once we have these last few things done, it will definitely feel a lot more like a home, at the moment I still feel like I am on a holiday. There are a lot of small bits and pieces that you have to do in the first few days like unlocking your phone and changing networks, but nothing is very hard or too complicated. We got a monthly pass for the tube and buses, as we are only traveling between zones one and two it cost £126 for the month (it goes up in price the further away the zones are you are travelling to) and I downloaded ‘CityMapper’ on my iphone which is the best app to tell you which tube lines to take, I would still be at the airport if I hadn’t got it.


I hope things keep going as well as they have been, we are so lucky with the position we are in at the moment.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps anyone who is interested in moving over.

Darragh x






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