Fuschia Makeup Eyeshadows

Due to working with Fuschia Makeup in the salon, I have definetly developed a love for a lot of their products, especially their eyeshadows.

All the eyeshadows are available in a black single container €8.95 or else you can buy just the pan €7.50 and store them on the Fuschia magnetic palettes.

The magnetic palettes come in 3 different sizes – small €10.00, medium €14.00 and large €18.00

These would be my ‘go to’ eyeshadows for all my makeovers.

Transitional colours:

This is the colour I apply first when doing eye makeup looks. It blends the dark colours on the lid into the skin so there are no harsh lines.

These are some of my favourite:

Sienna with and without flash. This is a perfect neutral blending colour for any eye look.

Oh my orange with and without flash, I use this when I was a warm orange rusty tone eye.

Red for Real. This can be used alone for a more dramatic look of blended with oh my orange to give the eye more definition.

Lid colours:


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