Bellamianta Tanning Lotion and Christmas Value sets

Last week I got the Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Christmas Value Set. The set contains a full sized and travel sized tanning lotion and their tanning mitt. 

I have always used the Bellamianta tanning mouse so, I was delighted to try the tanning lotion. I loved the mouse, the only problem I ever had with it was that, it clung to any dry patches of skin. 

I applied the tanning lotion with their mitt which is also amazing and I instantly noticed the lotion spread a lot easier on my skin. It didn’t stick to any patches at all and I had applied it all over much quicker than I normally would. I left it dry for about 5 minutes and went to bed wearing loose pyjamas. The next morning I woke up with a stunning olive toned tan with no patches. I loved it. 

The lotion is a medium shade and the mouse is a dark shade so, for people who like a darker tan, they may chose the mouse or apply two layers of the lotion.

I really like both the bellamianta tanning mouse and lotion but, the lotion definitely suits my skin type better. 

This christmas value set retails at just €28.00, the tanning lotion retails at €19.99 and the tanning mouse is €24.99.  

Available in CH Chemists or online

Darragh x


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