Fuschia Makeup Galaxy Eye Collection Kit

A few days ago I wrote about Fuschia Makeup Sandstorm kit and now I want to show you their other version of it – Galaxy Eye Collection Kit.

Again this also contains five anazing pigments and costs just €25.00. The difference between the two are the colour schemes. The Sandstorm Kit is all about golds and coppers, this kit is all about greys and purples.

Here are the five pigments it contains:

  1. Pixie

white-silver toned baby pink

2. Bliss

A taupe with a hint of pink
3. Galaxy

Black with silver speckles

4. Eggplant

A purple with gold speckles

5. Violet Storm

A purple with a blue tone

In all the pictures above the first image of the pigments is without a flash and the second is with the flash. The pigment at the left hand side is without the eyeline sealer and the ine on the right is with it.

Such amazing pigments for such good value.

Available at Aura Beauty Centre CH Chemists.



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