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Fuschia Makeup Eyeshadow Swatches

Due to working with Fuschia Makeup in the salon I have grown to love so many of their products, especially their eyeshadows.

All the eyeshadows are available in a single compact €8.95, or else as pans €7.50 which you can store in their magnetic palettes.

The magnetic palettes come in 3 sizes, small – €10.00, medium – €14.00 and large €18.00.

These are some of my ‘go to’ eyeshadows for my own eye makeup looks and my makeovers in the salon.

  • Transitional colours

I would usually apply one of these first to crease, corner and underneath the lower lashes, blending them out well. This is the colour that will blend your darker shadows so there are no harsh lines.

Sienna – a perfect neutral transitional colour for any makeup look.

Oh my orange – for more of a burnt orange, warm, rusty eye look

Red for Real – this can be used on its own for a more dramatic eye look or else added with oh my orange for more definition.

Autumn Rose – I usually use this shade when doing a pink – purple toned eyeshadow look.

  • My favourite lid colours:

Bisque – a perfect pearl effect cream

Peach kiss – a fab pearly peach colour

Ginger snaps – a rose gold toned shadow

Golden berry – a purple, pink, berry colour with gold fragments going through it.

Pennies from heaven – a stunning copper colour.

  • Darker shadows

Lucy – a perfect dark neutral brown for creating definition to any eye look.

Chocolate kisses – slightly more of a reddish undertone than lucy and a bit lighter

Chocolate Brown – a very deep dark brown, perfect for the corners of the eyes and underneath the lower lash line.
All Fuschia eyeshadows available in Aura Beauty Salon in CH Chemists Tralee.


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